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Senior GIS Consultant Objective: The project requires GIS analysts who can perform the QAQC of the parcel fabric data converted by a third-party vendor. Typical Deliverables: The consultant will perform the QAQC of the parcel fabric data converted by a thirdparty vendor. The consultant will perform the parcel editing in the production system after the data is accepted. QAQC o The consultant completes the assigned QAQC area within the deadline set by the project manager. There will be 8 separate deliveries where QAQC needs to be performed. QAQC of each delivery must be completed within 4 weeks.

The consultant documents the errors during the QAQC and iteratively review until all errors are resolved. o Production editing o After each delivery of the parcel fabric data is accepted, the data will be loaded into production system. The consultant edits the parcels in production parcel fabric environment. Required Skills & Abilities: ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric within ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap Ability to interprete drawings in CAD QAQC methods of parcel fabric data


  • ArcGIS Pro and COGO Software Proficiency a. Proficiency in using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software, as well as specialized COGO software packages (e.g., AutoCAD, ArcGIS Pro/ArcMap with Parcel Fabric, etc.). b. Experience with parcel fabric editing in Esri’s Parcel Fabric within ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. c. Experience with multi-user editing environment d. Understanding of parcel fabric data models and how they function within ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap. e. A strong understanding of Coordinate Geometry (COGO) principles, including the use of bearings, distances, angles, and coordinate transformations.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) a. Ability to implement rigorous QA/QC processes to ensure data accuracy and integrity. b. Legal Knowledge c. Familiarity with local, state, and federal land surveying laws, regulations, and standards, as well as the principles of land boundary and parcel determination. d. Ability to interpret legal descriptions for land parcels. e. Awareness of local and state regulations related to land parcel data and GIS standards.
  • Bachelor’s degree in geographic information systems, geography, land surveying, civil engineering, geomatics, or related field.

Contract Term: 6 months

Requesting Department: TSS

On-Site Requirements: 100% Remote Allowed.

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