IoT Engineer (Reservoir Workflow)

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Houston, TX
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Strategic Goal:

Enhance Reservoir Production: invest in digitization of workflows and services used for increasing reservoir production over the life of the well (duration of months-to-years). This includes the remote automation & control of equipment at the wellsite.

Skillset Required:

  • Good communicator (executive presence, succinctly delivers thoughts and can right size information for the audience)
  • Familiar with the state of the market for Industrial IoT systems
  • Past experience with Azure IoT Hub and IoT Edge products
  • C# on Linux (ARM) experience (2yrs)
  • 1 – 2 projects on this work end to end
  • Understands container systems (Docker, Kubernetes, etc)
  • Understands Linux
  • Understands deployment of software to remote devices
  • Understands the application of OT Security standards like IEC 62443

Critical Skills:

  • C# code (.NET Core)
  • Docker
  • Linux
  • Azure IoT Hub (or AWS Equivalent)
  • Azure Dev Ops and Pipelines (or Git Equivalents)
  • Industrial Control Systems

Bonus Skills:

  • SP.NET or Java or some web technologies
  • Understands common PLCs, controls, communication protocols (MQTT, OPC-UA, Profibus, Modbus TCP, AMQP)
  • Understands the application of OT Security standards like IEC 62443

Extra Bonus:

  • Understands field wireless communication protocols and applications (LoRaWAN, 900Mhz, ISA 100/Wireless HART, etc)
  • Understanding of Oil and Gas Production (Artificial Lift, Production Chemicals, Production Automation)

You will maintain completed done deliverables.

Sample Deliverable 1: (Already Done)

State of the market around edge technology:

  • Evaluate list of viable Oil Field ready inexpensive edge devices
  • Compare / contrast on features.
  • Determine how we can make seamless installation (similar to setting up a smart home device)
  • Determine how to make installation cost low

Sample Deliverable 2: (Already Done)

Develop on Azure IoT Edge Platform

  • Integrate Azure IoT Edge Platform on ARM based Device
  • Choose best programing language for device (C++, C#, Python may be front runners)
  • Interface device to Modbus and OPC-UA based control systems
  • Manage authentication by deploying certificates to device
  • Implement Store and Forward mechanism when device is disconnected from the IoT Hub
  • Create drawings of how system works
  • Create baseline codebase that other business units can build on.
  • Build Pipelines to deploy updates automatically to Cloud and then to device.

Job Features

Salary Range$70/hr - $75/hr

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