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Full Time
Monahans, TX
Posted 12 months ago


For now, 7AM to 7PM on a 11 and 3 schedule- 11 days’ work 3 days off. There may be a position for nights (7PM to 7AM) 5 on and 2 off after training.

Top 3 Skills

  • Computer skills -SAP, Excel, and other Data entry programs
  • Multitasking – a lot of phone calls, addressing drivers at window, data entry and printing paperwork that happens all at once
  • Organization skills

Additional Skills

  • Good attitude, especially when it gets real busy. It is easy to get overwhelmed and get aggravated at driver, customer, or another Halliburton employee
  • It can be long hours and a lot of work, so need to be self-driven to get tasks done promptly and quickly
  • Professionalism- a Dispatcher is one of the front line employees to customers and the field. They need to be courteous in all communications (text, emails, phone).

This contractor will be there for 3-6 Months to train would be my guess. We can then reevaluate on night work at home, staying in Midland, or possible Monahans

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